Writing Services & Content Packages

Whether you need a complete content audit and overhaul, or whether you just need your blog updated weekly, I am here to help. I am happy to assist you with one-time assignments or ongoing projects, and chances are that I’ve helped someone else with something similar in the past. Ask me about my monthly content packages, ongoing newsletter services, and social media management packages.

And if you want a service that isn’t listed below, contact me anyway and we can talk about it. I may be able to help you, or if not, I probably know someone else who can.


Blog Writing & Blog Management

Keeping a regularly updated blog is one of the best ways you can connect with users and make search engines happy – and yet I can’t tell you how many blogs I visit that look like boarded-up haunted houses. A blog can’t just be a good intention. It needs to be a strategy. It needs to be loved and cared for. It needs to be updated regularly. Who can do that for you? I can do that for you.

Books & Reports

Offering a free book or report on your website is an awesome way to make first contact with potential clients. At the same time, ebook purchases on websites like Amazon are skyrocketing. From a 10-page report for your business to a full-length ghost-written book, I can help you along every step of the way to publication.

Content Strategy

Is your website a mess of content? Is your content working as hard as it can for you? Do you have a publishing calendar? Do you have an overall content plan? Are these questions making you nervous? I can audit and analyze your content, devise a plan for moving forward, and make sure your time, effort, and money isn’t wasted when it comes to your marketing materials.

Newsletters & Email Campaigns

If you aren’t sending out regular newsletters, or if you are only sending sporadic correspondence, I can get you back on track. Regular emails are an excellent way to keep connected with old and current clients (your fan club) as well as a way to keep you in the minds of possible clients who may need your services in the future. Especially for attorneys, who often get work through family and friend referrals, newsletters are vital.

Press Releases

I am always surprised when companies don’t take advantage of free advertising: getting their business and name mentioned in news stories. Whenever your business has a newsworthy story – from launching a new product to hiring a new attorney – you have an opportunity to be in the news, from your local paper to your industry publications. Of course, you won’t get covered unless you tell the media about it first.

Social Media Management

So many businesses take the time to set up Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts. And then they don’t do anything to update their statuses, connect with other users, or promote their brand. I offer a number of packages in which I care for your social media accounts and make sure you are taking advantage of social media marketing.

Video Scripts

The popularity of online video is off the charts, and as the younger generation ages, it will only continue to grow in importance. If you are creating videos for your business (or if videos are your business) I would be happy to help you with scripts and search engine optimization.

Web Content

Whether you are launching a new website or redesigning an old website, I can ensure that your copy is engaging, useful, and targeted toward your ideal clients and customers. Your content will also be search engine optimized without sounding forced or unnatural. Web content jobs in the past have included frequently asked questions sections, staff bios, about us pages, contact us pages, practice area descriptions, and product descriptions.